Saturday, 16 February 2013

Almost there

Today, we have moved the greenhouse from the platform onto the lawn. Apart from taking up quite a bit of room, there is the problem of hungry ponies and sheep barging their way in and eating all the plants, tomatoes, strawberries etc. when its too hot to keep the door closed. Now the ponies have a much larger standing space. A lot of the slabs needed taking up and levelling, Peter, David and I did that, it gave me a chance to dig up the parsley that had self seeded and some Pineapple lily bulbs that had grown from seeds dropped down in the cracks years ago when the parent plants were in the greenhouse after they had flowered. Every year they came up and flowered, and I was surprised how big the bulbs were. I hope they don't die on me now.
We also rescued some newts, a mother and three babies and three other adults that the chickens, very interested in all the bugs under the slabs, were attacking. All relocated to a damp, stony, shaded part of the garden. We find loads of newts in the garden, all common ones and never very close to the pond.
Keith has been working on the chicken house. It has a pop hole now and a shelf for the droppings under the perches that he is making from an oak branch that Peter brought home on his dog walking expeditions. Getting the bark off it is harder that he thought and I think he may give up soon. It should all be up and running tomorrow, the hardest part may be getting the chickens to accept it as their new home and get them out of the Eglu that they have been in ever since they arrived over a year and a half ago. (Gosh, it feels longer!) Gladys is fine now, she has been making nests in the straw bales today. Trying to keep her away from the corn but almost impossible as the chickens are in charge and the ducks just get pecked. The chickens get first serving of everything and the ducks have what is left.
Haven't seen Funny Bunny or our Pheasant for days, I hope they are alright.

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