Sunday, 24 February 2013

And there's more!!

Here are our three new girls, 'Dotty', a Speckledy, 'Snowdrop', a Sussex Star and 'Charcoal', a Black Rock. All are hybrids that we bought from a  breeders sale at a store in Welshpool.
All hens have settled in reasonably well, but one of the Marans died overnight for no apparent reason. She had been eating and drinking last night, did not appear unwell at all, just one of those things.
So now we have enough chickens to keep us going for a while, should have a good mix of coloured eggs.

This is the veg plot split into three for quarantine and 'get-to-know-you' purposes. The ducks keep visiting and so does Gladys, who is making herself known VERY LOUDLY!
Still haven't named the Barnvelders but Ruby and Faye have been suggested for the combs, one bright red and one a bit faded, (Faye - faded, get it?). Suggestions welcome.

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