Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oh dear.

This morning I opened up the duck shed and found my Indian Runner, Cherokee, had passed away during the night. She was laying on a soft shelled egg so whether she was having internal trouble or had bronchitis, which can cause soft eggs, I don't know. Yesterday she was a bit mopey, wasn't following the others around and wouldn't come in for her afternoon feed. I knew then she wasn't right. Keith and I caught her and had a look, didn't appear to be anything wrong and she flapped about a lot and gave me a face full of feathers. We don't know how old she was or even if the egg under her was hers but she certainly had a lovely time here while she was with us.
The ducks seem to be quite happy with their new quarters, coming up to feed every now and then, providing the ponies are away. Had another proper egg today aswell, that makes four good and two soft ones.
The chickens are doing well, at least one a day sometimes two, though whether Gladys will ever stop laying in the black coop I dont know.
The sheep are getting braver, especially Mars, when Keith goes down to feed them their sugarbeet mix. They come right up to the feeder before running off a short way, Mars has a quick bite just as the last bit is tipped in before his girlfriends butt him out of the way.

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