Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Our first duck egg.

At last, the event we have been waiting for, our first duck egg. Now what do we do with it?
Keith found it in the mud when he was putting the ducks away for the night this evening, it was still warm so someone must have laid it on the dash back to the duck shed for the night. Ducks are supposed to lay first thing in the morning, so I'm wondering how many other egg's may have been laid that we missed and the Crows have had.
Still, it will make a very small omlet, perhaps a couple of muffins or just one boiled egg to squabble over. Lets hope there is another one tomorrow.
Gladys, meanwhile, is still laying, at least I will have enough chicken eggs for the weekend.
Funny thing happened yesterday, I fed the ducks their corn in the afternoon up on the platform by the greenhouse as the ponies were in the other field and I took the chance not to wade through the mud. They happily came up and ate most of it before waddling off back to the pond or sifting through the mud. There was some left over, spilt on the ground that I left in case they came back. Well they didn't but a pigeon did, you should have seen Ja-Ja move, he's the Runner Drake, He saw off that bird as if to say 'That's mine and my girl's treat, Clear off!'. Three times he saw that pigeon off and Duck Norris just sat back with a 'You're faster than me, you deal with it.'
Had about half an inch of snow yesterday morning, mostly gone by lunchtime but it was very slippery out here once a few cars had gone by and compressed it. Then it poured with rain again last night and blew a gale, so the feild is floating again today.

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