Sunday, 10 February 2013

Phase three.

So here we have it,the Eglu has been relocated inside the new run, and also the other coop (which you can't see in these pictures), as Gladys will only lay her eggs in that one. Two chicken eggs today, no duck eggs that we have found.
Yes, that is an old roadworks sign on the shed being used as a temporary door for the ducks.On the right is a ramp out into the field which is closed up at night and the shelter has the straw, hay and chicken/duck food to keep it dry and somewhere for the birds to go in the rain, of which we have had a continuous downpour all day. The black rubber trug, made from a recycled tyre, is big enough for one duck to get in and have a splash about in, the ducks love it and it gets very muddy very quickly. Not sure how long the greenery is going to last, most of it is Thyme so at least it will be good for them, and I have dug a clump up to plant elsewhere.
The chickens went to bed as if they had always lived there, the ducks just needed a stern word and off they flapped up the ramp tripping over each other as usual. (Ducks don't like steps.)
The chicken shed needs to be attached now ready for some more chickens that we hope to get at a local auction on the 23rd.

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