Saturday, 9 February 2013

WIR Update

A really grey and gloomy day today so the light began to fail quite early this afternoon, not good when there's lots to do!

However the run is now fully enclosed, it has its wire roof which lined up perfectly with the slot I made so all the mesh was easy to secure, a gate, a large pop hole opening out into the paddock complete with inner ramp come trap door and a loose laid  brick skirt all around to fill the gaps and prevent digging under.

The Duck shed has been relocated to it new permanent position but we ran out of time to put a pop hole in it so we bribed the ducks to come through the external pop hole with food and a bit of gentle persuasion courtesy of a tesco carrier bag on a long stick.

They are in the run or rather in the shelter on a clean bed of of straw for tonight.

Tomorrow we will feed them in there as well and then let them out later and hopefully tomorrow afternoon when it is snack time they will return willingly if so we will do the same as today lock them in early till they are used to it.

The boys all worked hard today.

One of the Ducks laid an egg in their shed this morning which David had scrambled for breakfast the egg was cold when I picked it up so must have been on the floor for a while.
Amazing with 16 webbed feet it did not get broken!

We had two Chicken eggs today as well a double is the first this year so at least two of the Chickens haven't conked out yet!

Tomorrows forecast is wet wet and more wet with a possibility of snow:(

However for the first time in weeks I can do most of the work I need to under cover. i.e. I will be inside the shed!

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