Thursday, 4 April 2013


Now the greenhouse has been moved, it is now up and running. I have in there at the moment, runner beans, broad beans, peas, celery, tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and 'cut'n'come again' lettuce. The beans, peas and lettuce are all sprouting, and it is nice and warm. I also have some strawberry plants in there in the hope that I will have some early strawberries but they aren't doing much yet.

Keith bought me these signs for Easter. They are painted on reclaimed Welsh slate. I also have one for advertising my eggs for sale.
I planted the onion sets outside in the Veggie Patch this afternoon. Some of them were starting to sprout in the bag, so I dug over yesterday (there's plenty of good manure on there now), and planted today. Hope they will grow, it was snowing again for a bit this morning. Need to get the potatoes in but the ground is still a bit too wet, I might have to put them in bags to grow.
The chicks are very noisy today and jumping on top of their hot plate. They are also very messy which means a daily clean out. The older chick, Boris, has the quills of his wing feathers showing, whereas the other two are only just appearing. They are growing daily.

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