Sunday, 7 April 2013

Goosey, Goosey, Gander!

Today we collected another goose, a gander, that we are fostering. He is the brother, and now returned mate, of Catherine and Zita. We have named him 'Jones'. When he first arrived there was no big 'Hello, where have you been, we've missed you.', it was more of an 'Oh, you're back then.'. He seems quite contented to be back with his girls, he has been for swim on the pond with them, had a good go at the grass, seen off the Moorhens and chickens, waved his wings a lot at Pixie when she plodded over to see him, peered through the fence at the sheep, the ducks have kept their distance, and had a good old chat with me, he is a chatterbox.

 Keith has been building a 'chicken tractor' which is a coop and run on wheels that can be moved over the grass as its eaten or worn. He made it from a poly tunnel frame and has made the door end and the floor of the coop which is wire mesh so the 'poo' can fall straight through, and removable for cleaning. Then there will be nest boxes and perches, and a ramp for the chickens to walk up, and this should be finished for the chicks to go into in five or six weeks time. They are having a lovely time in the brooder. Occasionally a piece of the wood chip falls out the side and they all go and look down at it and chirp, it's just like babies who have thrown their toys out the pram.

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