Sunday, 21 April 2013

Life on a Sunday

 Catherine, Zita and Jones inspecting the progress on the chicken tractor that Keith is building. Once the wheels are on it can be pulled out onto the grass and moved as the chickens eat the grass section by section. It's where the new chicks will be living for a while when they are old enough to go outside and don't need the hot plate anymore.

 Feeding frenzy mayhem at mealworm time. The ducks get theirs in the water because they float and the chickens cannot get them. The chickens usually get theirs on the paving slabs so it helps to keep the beaks filed down.

 Little Rolo is camera shy and Mum ran away with her.
 Goose in a trug, supported by an old tyre its just right for a quick wash when mowing the lawn.
Now Keith has always liked Toyah Wilcox but this is a bit too far! Actually, Pixie had a weepy eye and we thought it may have been some mud on her fringe or just the fringe itself in all the wind getting in her eyes. Keiths excellent barber skills and a few washes with salt water and she's fine now. Not so sure about the fringe though!

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