Saturday, 13 April 2013

Veg Beds.

Quick egg count for the week -
Chickens - 31
Ducks - 20
Geese - 7
The chickens are starting to lay on a regular basis now. I have had a sign outside to sell the spare eggs but the rain keeps washing it clean.
I made a quiche the other night with one goose egg. Not being any good at making pastry, I bought the case from Tesco's and made up the eggy bit adding a bit of milk, not as much as in the recipes, and chicken, peppers, onion and carrot. It was very nice, the one egg filled it to the top, or perhaps I added too much chicken, and the egg was well set. I impressed myself!
Digging over the veg beds on Thursday, now the rabbit problem seems to be sorted out, and one of the wooden sides collapsed. I knew they were a bit bendy but didn't realise they were that rotten. Quick phone call to ETC, the local wood supplier yesterday and that afternoon nine bits of 4.8metre wood arrived. The boys had helped dig the soil up into the middle and take out all the old wood, most of which just disintegrated, and helped unload the wood and take it down the garden. Today, Keith and the rest of us put it all together, Keith doing the cutting and drilling of holes for the screws, and the boys pulling all the mud back.
We managed to get it all done before the rain set in but there were a few showers and we did get a bit damp. It was annoying that I had planted my onion sets, I will have to replant them all tomorrow or Monday.

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