Monday, 17 June 2013


We thought the Ponies seemed to have got the hang of getting through the Electric fencing, well bouncer had. Then I discovered the cable from the energiser had broken internally.

Yesterday we went out Sofa shopping (looking) as Karen would like to replace our two, two-seaters as the washable covers are fading and the cushions are losing their shape especially the back rests

So the Ponies did not get their Sunday afternoon strool so instead I brought them up here for the evening to play with the Geese prior to going for a walk on the way back to their field, they really like their walks.

A couple of weeks ago we had the local farrier come in a do their hooves not much needed just a trim.

The Geese are finally over being broody! and the ducks are getting brave!
Here's Jar-jar and Duck Norris investigating the Goose shed!

Jar-jar seems to be recovering well, I pulled a huge thorn out of his left foot a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile the Geese were being Geese
Jones spends quite a bit of time observing the Chicks

And eating, he does a lot of that as well!

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