Friday, 26 July 2013

Weather? What weather?

It's still the same old hot & humid weather we've had for weeks. All three boys have now broken up from school for the summer hols and there is plenty of weeding and watering to be done. We have been waiting for all this rain that is constantly forecast with swathes of blue across the county and threats of thunderstorms. Well, we had two short heavy-ish showers Wednesday, that did not even wet the ground under the veg, so although I'd hoped not to water I did. There is more rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon through to Sunday but I'm not holding my breath.
A bit short on eggs this week -
Chickens - 18
Ducks - 16
 Don't mind me, I wasn't going to sit down anyway!
 Here are some of our chicks, just over 9 weeks old, making themselves comfortable in the orchard.

The Ducks love drilling, even when the ground is rock hard.
 Mars and one of his lady's. Considering what a tiny wimp he was when we had him in January, he has certainly filled out and grown himself a respectable set of horns.
 The ducks gave up drilling and headed back to the pond.

Poor old Dusty, she's still brooding in the nest box except when I lock her out after all the hens have laid. She runs around all puffed up like she's lost something and has to find it and get back to somewhere.

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