Friday, 16 August 2013

Cad West

We went out today into the Welsh hills to find a site known as Cad West
we parked in the Car Park and then took the Sheep track up the side of the hill.

The grasses were setting seed and turning a very Autumnal looking Yellow and Orange!

The scenery was breathtaking.
In the distance was this 'Heart' shaped pond!

Alden found some Sheep and they instantly turned into balls of Wool!

 Before wandering off.

There was this odd rectangular stepped Cloud formation.

So all in all a nice peaceful place to sit and eat sandwiches and look around and do stuff.

But there were other people up on the hill with us all sporting cameras with long lenses......

 And hence the reason for the visit. Cad West is a designated low fly area and on any given weekday something interesting might pass under your nose through the valley below!

We saw a C130 and several Gnat Trainers.

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